Policy & Procedure

Policy & Procedure

The professional team guided and supported with certain rules and instructions to accomplish their roles & tasks according to the Enterprise expectations and goals. The policy and procedure that address its objective & rules all their perspectives areas and set guidance for cross-function team process with stakeholders.

The policy and procedure is always formal & written document. However, the Enterprise culture may be considered as informal & unwritten policy but it should very limited because it’s highly demanded whatever instructions & directions professional team supposed to be followed to be formal and written in order not to cause a confusion and misunderstanding.

The difference between Policy and Procedure is highlighted as following:

  • Policy; It details the Enterprise Executive Management directions, rules and regulations to ensure the personnel act according to Enterprise expectations.
  • Procedure; it details operational guidance for the daily operational works.

The policy and procedure are completing each other , and are expected to be clearly with sufficient details of actions, relevant to the operations, periodically reviewed and understandable to the professional team. It should be updated across the Enterprise to raise the awareness and encounter the difficulties in operation with proper support.

We are helping enterprises to develop their policy & procedures for

  • Procurement
  • Supply Quality
  •  Inventory