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The Resume of Sami Bin Ghanem

Sami Bin Ghanem is an author of the following books:

  1. The Journey to Supplier Relationship Management (the New Generation of Procurement)
  2. Strategic Procurement Management

These books are available in Kindle Amazon (WordWide)


Sami bin Ghanem has been working in Procurement field for over two decades with profound experience in managing the procurement of multi enterprises’ various & complex commodities such as manufacturing, construction projects, logistics projects, IT, services ,etc.

His achievements of transforming procurement from random operation to systematic (Policy, Process, KPIs, Plan), traditional to strategic (Strategic Procurement Management, Organization structure), manual to automated (eProcurement through ERP full implementation )


Our mission to bring the best procurement solutions to our clients towards the excellence.


To be a client choice and trusted partner in developing and advancing their procurement and bring the best from the market supplies.


  • Leadership ; leading our clients toward procurement excellence
  • Accountability; partnering up with our clients and make aspirations & success
  • Expertise ; sharing knowledge & development with our client
  • Cooperation; sincere & trustworthy to serving our clients

Mr. Sami is an active instructor in Udemy.com and the following three courses are published by him.
1- Strategic Procurement Management
2- Th Procurement; Policy & Procedure
3- The Project Management
So kindly visit Udemy.com and check out these courses.